Execu Flex ® powerful non-taxable benefit rewards for executives and key employees

Designing and Implementing a Flexible Benefit Plan

The ExecuspaceFlex ® approach to designing and delivering customized flexible benefits for your executive team is supported by our ExecuspaceFlex software program that eases benefit administration and helps employees make benefit choices.

Since 1989, Benefits Interface, Inc. has helped employers of all sizes use a flexible benefits approach to improve both employee appreciation and profitability.

I would be pleased to meet with you and your management team to design a tax-effective benefits program that affordably meets your human resource objectives.

The Next Step …

If you are interested in designing and implementing a flexible benefit program for your excutives, we offer a free 90-minute starter session.

To schedule the starter session, call me or send an e-mail to execuflex@benefits.org

John Vandeweerd, President
Benefits Interface, Inc.